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Sinon from Sword Art Online Welcome to ichii.moe!

We are an open-minded, international instance, that is very geeky and enjoys pop culture.

The main topics of this instance include (but are not limited to): esports, gaming, hardware, coding, fantasy, anime, manga, books, movies, TV series, memes, ...

Features summary:
  • Character limit: 7007
  • Relays for a lively federated timeline
  • Custom themes for a more unique experience
  • Bigger emojis and other visual enhancements
  • Good server hardware hosted in Germany and media CDN + daily backups
  • An always up-to-date instance (usually updating on the same day of a new release)
  • Fediverse-wide federation (suspending and silencing accounts/instances only for illegal activities, including hate speech, or spam)
  • A lot of custom emojis (full list here)
  • Privacy enthusiast staff  OwO emoji
  • No ads or tracking
  • We have cookies  Blob eating a cookie emoji

FFXIV characters on Chocobos running together

Table of Contents

Chibi making a peace sign


These rules apply to your username, display name, profile pictures, toots, and boosts.


  • No illegal content
  • No hate speech
  • Tag NSFW content
  • Be civil
  • No spam
  • No doxxing
  • No impersonation

Prohibited Content

The following content is not allowed and may lead to warnings and/or suspensions:
  • Illegal activities or links to them
  • Lolicon
  • Hate speech
  • Discrimination (racism, transphobia, religious intolerance, ...)
  • Harassment
  • Promotion of fake information
  • Doxxing

This is not an exhaustive list, but the concept should be more than clear.

As we believe in free speech, we still allow discussion of the topics listed above. Where the line is drawn between free speech and hate speech is obvious (and is defined by European laws too - re-read: "no illegal activities"). We will not allow hate speech hidden behind the banner of free speech.

Exploiting the instance's resources is not allowed. For example, creating an account with the sole purpose to upload media and use our CDN for your own purposes (e.g. hosting of static content for your website) is not allowed. I am providing this instance as a free of charge service, don't abuse it or its features.

If you find content that is breaking the rules. Report it and we will review the report as soon as possible.

Avengers characters

NSFW Content

NSFW (not safe for work) content is allowed with the following restrictions:
  • All NSFW content must be tagged as sensitive
  • Explicit NSFW content must be set to unlisted or to followers-only
  • NSFW avatars and headers are not allowed


Creating an account with the intention of impersonating someone (be it another ichii.moe user, staff member, celebrity, ...) is prohibited.
For example, creating an account named Gargron*, Lain*, RobertDowneyJr, moderator, ichiimoe, ... without actually being said person is not allowed. You cannot change your username once you register.

*in case you are not aware: these are two major developers of the fediverse (Gargron is the main Mastodon developer, while Lain is a Pleroma developer)


Ads are not allowed. Exceptions are made for posts such as "I am going live on Twitch at ..." as long as they are not spammy.

Bot Restrictions

Bot users are allowed with the following limitations:
  • Do not track users
  • Set the "Bot" flair in the profile settings as well as appending the :bot: tag at the end of the display name
  • Post a link to the source code in the bot profile
  • Acknowledge the #nobot tag on user profiles across the whole federation
  • Provide a useful service (e.g. a bot posting the same thing every X minutes is not considered useful)
  • Follow the content restrictions applied above
  • Maximum post frequency: 1 toot / 30 minutes (otherwise post unlisted)
    • If posting every 30 minutes still results in the bot cluttering up the local timeline too much you will be asked to reduce the post frequency of public toots

Moderation of Other Instances

We are a very open instance that allows you to moderate the content you see yourself.
Therefore, we only suspend instances that contain:
  • Illegal activities

...and we only silence those that post:
  • Untagged porn content
  • Untagged lolicons

This is to maintain a timeline that users can feel safe to browse on their phones and computers while in public areas. You can still follow and receive updates from users from silenced instances.

We will always prefer suspending/silencing single users than whole instances.

You can view the list of moderated accounts and instances on GitHub. This might change as our instance federates with new ones.

If you believe your instance has been silenced or suspended unfairly contact us.
Warcraft Human and Orc sharing a weapon

You & ichii.moe

Service Expectations

This instance strives to provide you with:
  • The most seamless experience possible in terms of service availability and performance
  • Act upon reports in a timely manner
  • No ads or tracking
  • 3 months advance warning before the instance shuts down (if ever  OwO Ghost)
    • Just so we are clear: we are committed to run this instance long-term

Server Specifications

In order to remain completely transparent about how this instance is run, these are ichii.moe specs:
The server that powers ichii.moe has the following specifications (which are a bit overkill considering the low user count  Dabbing emoji):
  • Hosting: Digital Ocean (7 nines uptime - i.e. 99.99999%)
  • Location: Germany
  • Backups: Daily (keeping 5 most recent backups)
  • 2GB RAM (+5GB SWAP) (currently the instance uses ~1GB RAM)
  • 1x5 SideKiq Threads
  • 2x5 Puma Threads
  • 1x1 API Threads
  • AWS S3 Storage (with AES-256 encryption)
  • Media CDN for faster media loading times

Planned upgrades when the instance performance requires it:
  • 4GB RAM (+ 5GB SWAP) (for ElasticSearch)
  • 2 vCPU (for ElasticSearch)


Admins: Moderators:
  • Soon™
Access to server (contact them in case @ichii is unreachable and the instance is not working properly): As the instance grows, I will start looking for:
  • Moderators
  • Developers (Ruby, HTML, CSS)

Emoji Licenses

Some emojis from Mutant Standard are used on ichii.moe:

Site Graphics

The mascot characters displayed on this website were drawn by @marsekalaulia@twitter.com for ichii.moe specifically.

Rules are subject to change. The instance was established on 11th July 2019.