@e When I was living alone I had to wear ear plugs due to noisy neighbours and/or street :blobcatnotlikethis:

Pros of living alone: no need to be a ninja that has mastered the art of silence when everyone else is sleeping

@e I think it's over reliance on new tech like CGI to reduce costs. New adoptions was indeed a loss in quality, but it can be used well (eg Marvel Studios)... Of course, it has obviously been improving year over year.

LotR never looks like it was made in 2001-2003.

Even in sheer terms of graphics it shits on a lot of recent movies.

@e Not sure, best guess is that the dude fast read the measurements and confused the 7 for a 2.

@e Precise measurements. The dude confused 70cm for 20cm. :akkoshrug:

@lain I guess I don't federate with those people then.

Not surprised though since looking into stuff before speaking up is too difficult :dunno:

Nevermind, they got confused and made it half the size needed.

One more week to wait :blobcatoh:

Custom display case for my figures is ready.

No more panicking about dust and damp.


@lain That's good.

Not sure why Mastodon doesn't. My only guess is keeping Sidekiq less busy.

When I brought this up on a Masto issue people didn't like the idea :akkoshrug:

I would switch to Pleroma if migratig DB was easy :blobcatoh:

@lain That similarly to boosts, favourites of users followed by an instance should federate with it. But unlike boosts they shouldn't necessarily appear on your follower's home TL. So they would federated only to add up to the favourite counter.

They could also be used to "fetch" posts and populate the feed of newly discovered users (at least on Mastodon, not sure if newly discovered users have empty profiles on Pleroma too).

Especially when instances are small, far too often the favourite counter for federated posts is useless. It's always sitting at 0 unless you like it as not many users from your instance will see said post.

PC crashed while I was eating and no memory dump :blobsweat:

The components didn't even change. Oh well, MemTest here we go...

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