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@ichii Quite neat that Mastodon followers got moved automatically. Too bad that most of the people I interact with are on Pleroma :blobfoxlul:

Watching transformers the last knight. Such a slow start.

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Both a bit underwhelming, start of season episodes are always like that :sinon_glare:

Watched the new first episode of Season 4... Now itโ€™s time for . I will be waiting impatiently for each Saturday now :blobfoxlul:

New episode dropping in a few hours :smugDance:

I just woke up to hundreds of notifications :blobfoxsipterrified:

What happened

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Thing: *exists*
Man: why is there something rather than nothing
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Itโ€™s 0ยฐC and Iโ€™m loving it :blobcatcomfy:

So there was this meme on Reddit about baby shark and everyone was complaining they got that song stuck in their head.

I never heard it so I went to check it out. BIG MISTAKE. I can only hear that too now.

So glad you can now auto-approve trending tags (cc @mewmew since you were complaining too)

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Maybe I should just setup my own server for this :thinking_rotate:

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