Colours of this drawing are spot on

Time to sleep :2bcomfy:

Oh great, now requires registration to view more than three articles per month.

Obviously you can by pass this by deleting cookies. But when a websites starts asking for information it does not *need*, it makes me want to stop visiting it altogether.

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Just found this other guy doing Bhoemian Rhapsody with the same instrument (harp guitar).

Funny faces apart, it sounds great

Always loved this Rohan theme cover :1ring:

(quite a particular instrument too!)

Goodnight :2bcomfy:

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@absturztaube and you couldn't even see the scythe because konsole but omg

So, Apache2 doesn't want to start anymore because ${APACHE_RUN_DIR} is not defined.

Too bad that it is defined in envvars as /var/run/apache2$SUFFIX, and /var/run/apache2 exists.


Nextcloud is up and running.
Now I wonder how much stuff I should move over to it while I try it out :think_shark:

:wow: The best dragonflight.

Very old picture, can't find sauce.

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If I had to decide what to eat for the rest of my life, I would totally choose this.

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