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Solo key is pretty neat, open source yubikey alternative.

Works well, had to install some fido with stuff on my arch install but other than that, works flawlessly.

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Please use when sharing YoutTube videos.

NO TRACKING ALLOWED :blobcatpolice:

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I wanna watch a fyres' flame... where are my candles~


Decided to take it easy, and use Manjaro with kitty cat.

Misskey supports FIDO keys & passwordless login, woot!

I've blocked sooo many instances the global timeline is almost as slow as live email.

I'm fine with people saying & doing whatever they want.

But, that doesn't mean I have to see it.

Offloading all me collected files from the fediverse~

Anyone wanna send me a test Bitmessage, to make sure I set it up right?

I have finally figured out bitmessage...

This is neat.

You know what to do with this, don't you?


If you wanna view the full gif here's the ZeroNet link.

Is it bad that I block udp traffic if a service doesn't need it?

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