I'd be tempted to try to set up an instance to replace this one

but running Mastodon is expensive :blobcatcry:

administrators being able to control what topics look like they're trending is far worse than some spambots being able to fake it for a few seconds

Yes, I'm totally going to review 1489 PAGES of hashtags

I feel like there should be a way for Mastodon to hotlink media of rejected instances :blobfoxthink:

I kinda wanna post about what I watch on YouTube here but that would probably be boring :blobcatdunno:

(we used too much space and Puniko had to vacuum their DM)

Playing on MAME with my dad is some of the most fun I've had in a while, it's cool to have all of these classics available so easily.

suya is a dogwhistle for going to bed at responsible times

It’s pretty crazy actually, I started sinblr.com a few months after quey.org so that people that we’re exiled from #Tumblr could have a new social home..

Today #sinblr reached its first 1.000.000 local posts and quey is around 400K

Congratulations to sinblr!

Why do all the cuties follow me here instead of on fedi.absturztau.be?

I like how open federation is here, hope it stays that way (although I doubt it will, when more instances find out about us)

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